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Party Like a Rock Star

Don’t we all from time to time just want to party like a rock star? Can you imagine the luxuri0us gifts, the fine dining and all the attention?? What a night on the town that would be.  Here are a few things you can do while you party like a rock star:

  • Order the fine wine and learn how to pronounce it!
  • Talk in a British accent (I know it sound cheesy but just try it)
  • Ride in Style (You can schedule a in 5 minutes through a company like Louisville Limo Rentals)
  • Rent an expensive tux or dress

Do whatever you need so you feel good for the night! Go out a walk the red carpet like a pro and don’t forget to act like  you belong!!

Party so Hard a Window Breaks

So there are many awesome bars in Louisville. Some so awesome that a window breaks and a local company like Louisville Window Depot has to come in the morning and repair it. Im going to list a couple of the cool bars around here.

Garage Bar- This place is a must go if you got a group of guys or if its a casual fun date. It has glowing ping pong tables, atro-terf, tons of craft beers good drinks and its actually a renovated garage. You should definitely check it out.

Meta- If its a classy date youre looking for then this is the place to go. It has a shiny bronze and penny floor, white marble bars, and great cocktails.

The Back Door- This is a Louisville classic. A wide range of bar goers will come here. Its like a wild west saloon where everyone gathers, except for all the cowboy western theme. Strong drinks and pool tables make this a favorite for many.

Zanzabar- If youre looking for music and an awesome time this is the place to be. With great drinks and band every weekend its a fun place to be. Plus during the weekdays they have ping-pong tournaments! How cool is that!

There are many more cool bars in the Louisville area so go out and try some. Or just google it.

Super Bow Party

Hey guys. So as we all know the Super Bowl is really close! And im super Pumped! If you’re like me you have already started planning and figuring out who to invite and what awesome snacks to have. Anyways I wanted to give every one some tips and ways to amp up your party. Because we all know that if youre going to have an awesome super bowl then you have to have an awesome party to go along with it. Check out these tips i found to make sure that happens.

#1- You can pick up some astro turf at a hardware store and cut circles out of it to make coasters that look like a field. Its pretty cool idea that gets everyone in the mood for the game. You could also spray paint some numbers on it!

#2- You can buy contact chalkboard paper to make a table runner and then draw yard lines to make it look like a football field. Who wouldnt want to find a snack on a football field!

#3- Have beer that reflects the teams names, hometown, or mascot. For example Tiger beer, Bison Brewing, The Raven. Or i believe one of the big beer brands is doing actual teams on their beers. So maybe grab a few of those too.


Well i hope you like a few of these ideas and come up with some on your own. GO BRONCOS!




Awesome Christmas Party

Hey guys wassup.

Christmas is coming up fast so i figured id write down some tips for a stellar Christmas Party. A lot of these tips i got from my buddy who owns a local Carpet Cleaning Service. He threw an awesome party last year!

Tip#1- Have a Hot Coco Bar! Who doesn’t like a warm cup of chocolate at a christmas party? Lay out some whipped cream, marshmallows, and peppermint bits to add to the awesomeness.

Tip#2- Have everyone bake cookies to bring. Set them up in a cool christmas display and the lay some decorative bags next to them so when people leave they can take a nice Christmas cookie bag with them.

Tip#3- Buy some cheap gingerbread kits for the kids to decorate. Who doesn’t like playing with icing and candy right?

Tip#4- Dont spend 50 bucks on candles to keep your house smelling good. Throw some cinnamon sticks,  cloves, and spices in a pot with water and let it simmer.

Tip#5- Have some Christmas Music going duh. Its also a good idea if you have a spare room with a TV to play a Christmas movie.

If you like these tips and want more just search for more ideas there are tons out there.

Fastest way to score cheap concert tickets

You know you have wanted to go to that concert or any concert because it is such a cool thing to do. Or probably you are an ardent fan of Justin Bieber and you just cannot afford to miss his live show. But there’s a problem, you do not have enough money, but you want the concert tickets almost at the last hour. Do you bury your urge to catch this concert? No.

We bring to you some amazing tricks to score cheap concert tickets:

  1. Sign up mailing list: If you are coming to know about the concert from your friends, chances are that you will never get the tickets. One of the best ways to stay ahead of the queue is to sign up for the mailing list, follow them on twitter, or in any way, be the first to get to know they are going to come.
  2. Check tickets on Gumtree and eBay for some great discounts: While the tickets are already on the advance lists, there may be some sites which are providing them for cheaper rates, these are your eBay and Gumtree sites – there are people looking to make some extra bucks. You must check and compare the prices though.
  3. Join the promotional contests: There are many concerts where you “earn” the tickets and not buy them. You just have to spread the word about the concerts and then as a part of your promotion, they give you a ticket. This is the best way to earn a free ticket. For this purpose, also keep your ears on your local radio stations. Is there a contest being held? Stay alert and don’t miss an opportunity to win the tickets for free.
  4. Do you know someone who might have an extra ticket at hand? : These are the people you should be building contacts with. If you thank them later, they will remember you the next time. Or you can just do a favor for them in return. It is always best to build such contacts that will help you get extra tickets.
  5. Join a seat filler company: These are membership-based companies that give you free tickets. Choose the ones which cover the shows and concerts of your area. Not only will they give you a free ticket but they will also hand out a good annual fee for your membership.

As you can see there are several ways to score cheap concert tickets. There’s always a way to get around the high prices of concert tickets today. Even looking through online avenues, such as Craigslist or any of those type of sites where they sell everything at a discount. Try it out, you will ultimately save money for the concert you’ve been wanting to attend with your friends!

Cheap concert tickets can also be obtained right at the gate. This is not a sure way to get them but one might go and try ahead of time due to the scalpers out there trying to make a buck and get the tickets a huge discount.

Follow these tips on How to Attend a Concert in Style

When you are attending a concert, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind, such as dress code, etiquette, and also the social set up of the concert. Most of these musical events have a certain code of conduct and norms that are followed, especially if you are attending the opera style of concert. But, if you are attending a live concert of a rock band, then you can go easy on the dressing part. However, most of these live concerts follow a certain norm that most of the attendees cater to.

Dressing for a Jazz concert

Most of the jazz concerts are done in style and are for a mature audience who really have a taste for this music. You will hardly find a teen attending this concert. The most ideal dress for this kind of a concert would be a black formal suit for men and a black one piece garment for women. Most of these concerts have an air of sophistication and you are required to follow the norms while attending this concert.


Ever attended a metal band performing in a live concert? All you will need is a t-shirt and denim, and some good shoes and a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Most of these concerts have a very high energy level and more than stylish clothes alone, you will need to have a great zest and love for this kind of music. Rock and metal speak of passion and a language that is has its own style and attitude. When you attend a rock concert, you must be zestful of this genre of music. Most of the rock aficionados are creative and zany people, and their attitude alone adds style to the entire concert. Remember, that when you attend a rock concert, along with your clothes, you must not forget to carry your attitude and style.

Symphonic concert

Most of these concerts that create symphony music are arranged on the spur. You must be able to enjoy this genre of music to be able to understand their style. Most of these kinds of concerts are an arrangement of music with a variety of instruments. If you enjoy the live musical arrangement, then these are the kinds of concerts that you can go to. The dress for these concerts could be anything from semi formals, casuals to formals. You are free to choose your dressing when you attend these musical events.

Most of the live bands do not have a dress code, unless and until their music belongs to a specific genre. Younger audience attend these rock concerts while the jazz is usually for the mature audience.